You Got Glaceon!

You Got Glaceon!

Meek cave Glaceon
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You Have Eevolved Into Glaceon!

Glaceon is the eeveelution of chill. It is cool as a cucumber, calm under pressure, and level-headed in almost any circumstance. By getting Glaceon, it shows that you are a stable and mature person. You rarely need to be aggressive to get what you want! When life calls for it, you are content just blending into the background — but people shouldn’t mistake this for weakness. You know how to wisely pick your battles; when faced with confrontation, you can be as sweet as a snow cone or as dangerous as an avalanche chock-full of sharp ice shards.

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All About Glaceon

Glaceon is what a trainer gets when he or she levels up an Eevee near an Ice Rock. It’s one of the most loved eeveelutions, and for good reason: Glaceon has an allure of innocence, but beneath its frosty fur lies unbridled power. Some choose to think of this Pokémon like an arctic fox.

It is a Fresh Snow Pokémon, like Vanillite, which gives it its tundra-like characteristics. Glaceon moves around on four feet and has mammalian traits, like all of the eeveelutions. It radiates a comforting light blue from its fur, and has diamond-shaped dark blue patterns that run the length of its back, over its ears, and down its tail. These markings give Glaceon a subdued (while menacing) appeal.

You’ll easily recognize Glaceon’s crown-like protrusions on its head. This dome is beautiful, giving off a cool color in-between cyan and blue. Along it run two long strips, almost like ribbons, that dangle from either side of its head. Glaceon’s features are canine; it has a rather short muzzle and a small triangular nose. This style is concurrent with Pokémon’s manga influence and can often be seen in other cartoony characters across the series. Glaceon has long flowing tail and an icy pointed tip.

Glaceon was first introduced in Pokémon Generation IV. Probably its most notable appearance was in the episode A Full Course Tag Battle!, where May, a central trainer and fan-favorite character,  watched her beloved Eevee evolve. This was just a mild teaser, though; in Strategy: With a Smile!, Glaceon cemented its legacy when it battled Dawn’s Piplup in the Wallace Cup Finals.

Other than these two major appearances, Glaceon enjoys several other minor anime appearances. Cynthia, a quirky trainer, owned one in All for the Love of Meloetta! Glaceon also made an appearance together with other eeveelutions in both Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad! and Eevee & Friends. For fans with a sharp eye, Glaceon can be found in even more minor show appearances: 1) In A Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine!, as owned by a trainer who is thought (but unconfirmed) to be Pietra; 2) In Giratina and the Sky Warrior; 3)In Sliding Into Seventh!; 4) In An Old Family Blend!; 5) in Capacia Island UFO!.

Glaceon makes an Easter egg appearance outside of the Pokémon world as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

This Pokémon is recognizable even from afar – just look for light blues, a unique crown-like head, and fox-like agility in snowy places – you’re probably seeing a Glaceon. If there’s a blizzard or an avalanche, though, don’t count on spotting this Pokémon, as its features will camouflage perfectly. In fact, Glaceon seems to prefer hail, sleet, and snow, where it can easily blend in with its Snow Cloak ability, even from just an arm’s length away.

Like its electric cousin Jolteon, Glaceon has fur that can turn into defensive sharp needles in battle. Don’t test its effectiveness, either — it can use these as projectiles whenever it feels threatened. It manages this by freezing and then propelling its terse fur. For any trainer looking to decide on an Eevolution, Glaceon is a wonderful choice!