You Got Umbreon!

You Got Umbreon!

You Have Eevolved Into Umbreon!

Hostile Umbreon
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Umbreon is the eeveelution of mystery. It is a companion that will fight for you no matter the situation. Umbreon is agile, quick, and slick. You might not be able to see it, but it can definitely see you! By getting Umbreon, it shows that you are sometimes hesitant, but that you’re capable of holding your own. You can make friends quickly and take them away even quicker; in the Pokémon world, you often see isolated trainers with Umbreons. Because spotting one in the wild is very rare, you are one of kind! Whatever you focus on, you excel in, even if it’s quirky. You are lovable, but due to your brokebeat way of living you don’t always fit in right away. You have a profound and intriguing mysterious side. It is not hard for you to keep your composure in many different settings — this allows you to try out new things, whether it be travelling the world or eating foods that you wouldn’t normally partake in.

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All About Umbreon

Umbreon is an incredibly notorious Pokémon, well known for looking like it belongs in the nighttime (and the night is what it prefers most). It is one of the starter Pokémon that a trainer is given in the Pokémon Colosseum. This Pokémon is one of the most sought-after eeveelutions. In the anime, Gary, who is a well-known (albeit infamous) trainer in the Pokémon world, competed with an Umbreon. It evolved from an Eevee before the story of the episode Power Play! occurred. Joanna, who is Dawn’s mother, also has an Umbreon of her own. This is reflective of Joanna’s wise and solemn personality.

Karen, another trainer from the anime, has had an Umbreon since childhood. This shows that a long term trainer-Pokémon relationship with such a dark and mystic Pokemon is definitely possible. In the Golden Boys episode’s storyline, Bill also sports an Umbreon. The fact that so many powerful trainers choose this dark-type friend should suggest that it is a Pokémon of choice!

In the day time, it is not difficult to spot an Umbreon. It has a very sleek black body and dense, dark fur. As soon as night arrives, though, this creature nearly vanishes. Its coat serves as ideal camouflage! These Pokémon have crimson-tinted eyes and sport four legs just like every other Eeevee variation. There are two pointy teeth at the top and bottom of its mouth, giving it a fiercer (albeit cute) face. Its ears are quite long and it has a bushy tail. Both of these have a yellow band around them.

The yellow band trend continues along the length of this Pokémon, appearing also on the legs and forehead. Umbreon’s Pokedex entry says that these stripes are used to scare away potential predators and such.

Umbreons live a very exotic, dark, and exciting lifestyle. They are powerful Pokemon that live within an impressive swath of mystery. Renowned trainers opt for Umbreon – though they themselves may be misunderstood, they are known for their loyalty and strength. From the darkest of nights to the brightest of days, this eeveelution is amazing.